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Triathlon Coach Altrincham Training Recovery....

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Repeating the process of pushing your body beyond a level it is used to and allowing it to recover and become stronger is what training the body to produce a better performance involves. We see this among all types of athletes covering the spectrum of triathletes, runners, cyclists etc clocking up the training hours on a regular weekly basis searching for the performance gains leading into their goal races.

In order to begin to produce those performance gains we are all striving for, the recovery process we follow at the end of a single training session becomes highly important. The cool down is the first step along the path to recovery that should be taken, providing a transition between the training session and a state of rest. By implementing cooling down movements that sit in-between rest and the training session, which might include light jogging, very easy spinning on the bike or a few lengths of very easy freestyle, will help bring body temperature steadily back to normal levels and flush out any waste product produced from the main session while allowing your muscles to relax. Light stretching will help maintain flexibility, and over time reduce the risk of injury.

Training allows us to gradually build fatigue within the body over a controlled period of time, which will result in a required easier day or number of days depending on the load placed upon the body. Here at Swimbikerun Triathlon Coaching, implementing easier sessions during the recovery period allows not only the athletes body to recover and grow stronger but also very important to me is it provides some down time for the mind to recuperate sufficiently before re-engaging with the next block within the plan from a far stronger and more resilient position.

The training programs I produce for the athletes revolve around our “Arch to Performance Gains” whereby the athlete has defined habit blocks, classed as none negotiable, which they implement between the sessions to set them up with the very best opportunity to produce the gains in performance they are striving for. Triathlon Coach Cheshire | Triathlon Coach Manchester | Triathlon Coach Wilmslow | Triathlon Coach Alderley Edge

For all coaching inquiries either email or DM through my instagram page @swimbikeruntriathloncoaching

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