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Triathlon & Run Coaching Services

If you are looking for a unique personalised training plan to take your performances to the next level then one-2-one coaching is for you. 

Building a strong Coach - Athlete relationship is important to the success of your plan.


It doesn't matter what other's think, its what you believe!

About Me

Passionate Coaching Professional

Over the years Ironman has become very inspirational to me, and being surrounded by like minded friends and athletes is what drives me to be the best coach I can be for you.

As your Ironman Coach I will be guiding you through the maze that is Swim, Bike, Run, Recover and will be aiming to bring out the best in all of you regardless of age or how limited you think your experience might be.

The aim is to help you enjoy this all consuming sport of triathlon. 


Through my years of endurance experiences from marathons to ultras and into full Ironman races across the UK and into Europe on some of the toughest courses, I have built up a knowledge base that will help guide you through the network of do’s and don'ts of training and racing.


The “swim, bike, run” is the part everyone sees and talks about but it is the often-neglected recovery stage that athletes fall foul of. The stretching and loosening of the muscle’s, the daily nutritional requirement’s to keep your body fueled for the sessions ahead, and the all important feet up resting moments are all part of the plan we will work through together.

The mental challenges of training to be the best you can be, while trying to maintain a life outside of the sport can be a tough and sometimes overwhelming balancing act to accomplish, but it is this battle I am here to help you deal with, and we will do it TOGETHER all the way through to your dreams and goals.

I will build you a structured training plan, but with the flexibility to adjust to your life’s demands, by taking into account your level of ability and experience, daily /weekly commitment’s and availability.


This can amount to a lot of detail, and by me doing this will take away that stress of having to calculate it all yourself.

I believe the relationship between athlete and coach is an important dynamic to build and achieve in order to bring the best out of the athlete. I always start with a fresh blank piece of paper for each individual, as I fully understand each and every one of you is unique in your own needs, and current stages in life.


With this philosophy we will work together on a training program from initial introduction’s through to you crossing that finish line and the recovery beyond. Communication between us is key to achieving your dreams and I will look to be on hand to guide you through the joy of training and racing in order for you to reach your goals.

I have the firm belief that anyone can complete an Ironman, however in the end it all comes down the simple question of “How bad do you want it?”. I will be here for you every step of the way through the dark moments, of which there will be a few (I’m not going to lie to you I will tell you as it is) through to those endorphin high training sessions when you feel like you are flying.


The emotional roller coaster that is Ironman training and racing will bring up many questions for you regardless of level of experience but together we will work through these and come up with solutions for them.

Communication between us is key to achieving your dreams and I will be on hand to guide you through the joy of training and racing in order for you to reach your goals.

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Bespoke Training Plans

Embrace Life’s Challenges


Be Race Ready

Be The Best You Can Be

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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

Contact me

Do you want to find out how I can help you succeed in reaching your goals? Then contact me today for more information via email, telephone or my facebook page.
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Triathlon & Run Training Plans to fit your lifestyle

Support That Makes a Difference

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- Full periodised training plan based on your personal level of fitness and time available for training.
- 121 remote coaching - however very happy to include face to face meets within the local area (Cheshire).
- Training plans delivered to you weekly and built around your life demands and race calendar.
- Flexibility and customisation of the plan to fit around unexpected life events during a training week.
- Unlimited support via messaging apps / email.
- 121 weekly training feedback and discussion through Skype or phone in a 30 minute session however this is not 100% strict as I allow a degree of flexibility since every athlete is different and requires differing amounts of communication.
- Initial fitness test direction given to establish personal training zones.
- Fitness/ benchmark testing during the race season.
- Strengths and weaker areas identified ensuring training will be specific to your needs for improvement and progression.
- Full Strength and Conditioning program integrated into the training plan.
- Recovery and Stretching guidance.
- Hydration and Nutritional guidance offered throughout.
All of the items listed make up the bespoke package offered to you as an athlete at a price of £145.00 per month.
I do not believe in higher or lower levels of service based on cost and so offer the same service to all of my clients.
Contact me to ask any questions!
For one off training plans rather than bespoke monthly coaching please contact me directly. Also for specific coaching in other areas such as Swim, Bike, Run, Marathon and Ultra-Marathon training please send me a message to make an initial enquiry.
Education allows you as an athlete to make intuitive decisions while training and racing. Learn about pacing correctly from feel. Education will be the central focus to our coach/athlete journey together.
I believe that Ironman training should be built around an integrated program into your life and not a complete take over of your life!

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