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Marathon & Triathlon targeted treadmill workouts during the winter weather to build strength.....

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Its one area I think we can all agree on the weather currently is not the best or most motivating to get your ass out there and train, so queue the treadmill up and build consistency along with strength.

The treadmill generally gets athletes running in the opposite direction, but this piece of equipment can prove beneficial for fitness gains within the running and triathlete communities. As long as the workouts planned for it are clear and specific to the equipment. Do this and the minutes will fly by instead of the expected drag of watching the seconds tick away.

Building a specific session for a treadmill can give you a range of benefits. The aim of sessions aren’t just to build strength but to also get the legs turning over quickly, both of which are important skills to have in your athlete toolbox if you want to improve your running ability.

By jumping on the treadmill with a specific session in hand you are entering an environment of consistent training where the conditions are completely stable. Within this environment you can very easily measure your fitness improvements week to week without the worry of external uncontrollable conditions such as wind, temperature, humidity, or conditions underfoot. The data you collect during the period on the treadmill, whether it is heart rate at a certain pace / speed or at specific gradient make workout comparisons a breeze.

You also have the bonus of giving the session pure concentration and focus without distraction, which is great for physical benefits and also improving mental toughness.

The treadmill encourages faster leg turnover rates, and by taking out the distractions you are able to focus on your form and body position more and adjust accordingly especially of you are positioned by a mirror.

Your triathlon training plan or marathon training plan can be given a boost by this piece of equipment whether you are training for an Ironman in the North West of the UK or the south coast or for a marathon in Europe. The sessions planned can be challenging and enjoyable.....have fun!

Here is a small session to try on the treadmill

Warm Up

5mins @ PE 2 – 4 with incline at 0%

10 mins @ PE 4 – 6 with incline at 1%

3 x 30 sec pickups building from PE 3 – 7 intenisty.

1 min jog @ PE 2 between each 30 sec pickup @ 0% incline

Main Set

10 x

90 secs @ mid to upper PE 5 – 7 0% incline.

Concentrate on fast feet with controlled form and fast turnover.

90 secs @ PE 5 – 6 4% incline

Strength focus keeping to the PE with pace not import

Cool Down

5 mins jog with pace not important as you allow you HR to come down.

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