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To Train at a High or Low Cadence - which way is best?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The triathlon cycling debate over high verses low cadence always comes up at some stage with triathletes, and it will be questioned as to which is best. Coaching triathletes to be able to cover the full range of cadences is the area I target in the triathlon training plan sessions. This trains you, the athlete, to be able to manage different terrains, environments and loads. I firmly believe you should have the ability in your toolbox to be able to use the complete range of cadences depending on the course, the conditions and how your current energy levels are. Yes some athletes work very well at high cadences and others may be stronger at a lower cadence, but by only having one of these abilities you are limiting yourself to one tool when you could have the ability to change things around when needed. For instance if you are climbing at your ‘one tool’ high cadence level and you hit the last gear and have

Triathlon Training Plan
Triathlon bike

no where else to go except to a lower RPM, that ability is not going to be in your box unless you have trained for it. I will train you to have the full range from 45 - 50 RPM up to 90 - 95 RPM giving you big advantage over the athletes only capable of a single cadence range. Ironman Training Plan Cheshire / Triathlon Training Plan Cheshire .

For all coaching inquiries either email or DM through my instagram page @swimbikeruntriathloncoaching

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