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Molding an effective Ironman training plan into your life.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The most precious resource for an Age Group athlete is time. Fitting swim bike run and strength & conditioning training for an Ironman 140.6 or 70.3 into your life schedule can be extremely difficult for AG athletes. But throw into the mixing pot the fact that time also needs to be set aside for recovery (sleeping, eating, resting, massage / stretching) in order to maximise gains from a training block, and allow your body to develop and grow stronger among all the other factors in your life, you have to get it right. The equation to do this can become very daunting and too much for many especially if you have to build workout sessions targeting the correct energy systems within your body. As a coach it is my job, through collaboration with yourself, to work out the best path for you to follow in order that you make consistent progression towards your race goals. That path will be molded to your current life circumstances taking everything into account within it so that you are not in a

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position where you are fitting life into your training! Whether you are just starting out in triathlon as a beginner or have a number of year’s experience you will all be treated as athletes in your own right. Everyone is unique in their own requirements and we will work together on your Ironman Training Plan to bring the very best out of you.

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