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Are you risking injury by not following simple processes?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Whether you are training for a marathon or your first triathlon placing our bodies under stress through specific workouts in order to achieve positive adaptations is a delicate balancing act. Too much and the possibilities of injury increase, but too little and the adaptations we are looking for will not occur and our training plateaus. Maximising the training stress to achieve these positive adaptations will not suddenly happen over night and is why a long-term view to training should always be taken. It is about a journey to your goals taking it one block at a time and recognising the simple fact that patience is required to be able to reach them at the peak of your fitness. It is also why when coaching athletes I will highlight the importance of recovery after a tough session, and how the supporting habits of nutrition, hydration, sleep (quality & quantity), are vital to achieving the positive adaptations we are looking to build through specific training. It is only when our body is allowed to recover sufficiently from a workout that it will grow stronger. Bodies do not grow stronger while doing a workout session. If you aren't giving your body sufficient time to recover then these simple indicators can highlight this fact if you are aware of them - lethargy, irritation, reduced performance, increased susceptibility to infection, and an increased resting heart rate of over 5 beats per minute.

Here at Swimbikerun Triathlon Coaching our "Arch to Performance Gains" philosophy programs in a structured recovery process from the very start of the plan, and is an ever fluid and flexible part of every athletes training plan regardless their level of ability.

For all coaching inquiries either email or DM through my instagram page @swimbikeruntriathloncoaching

Triathlon Coach Cheshire ; Triathlon Coach Bolton ; Ironman Coach Bolton ; Ironman Coach Manchester

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