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A Cup of Lava Java on Race morning ….. Yes or No ?

It’s a ritual many of us have, whether it is a pre – run warm-up beverage before venturing out into winter conditions, or a nice wake-up booster before a big race. Should we cut it out or keep it within our routine? Caffeine will not lead to dehydration or high levels of urine loss when it is consumed regularly and in moderate quantities. It has been shown through many studies how caffeine can have performance benefits in athletes, including clearer concentration, improved endurance performance and lower Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Yet there are downsides to caffeine with the main one being it can act as a GI (gastrointestinal) stimulant. While athletes can be used to spending time in the pre-race toilet queue, excessive caffeine consumption can lead to the feared diarrhea and or jitteriness. It is recommended to start by cutting your standard caffeine consumption by 50% on race morning, which should lead to alertness and an overall good race feeling once coupled with the pre-race excitement. As each athlete responds differently, practice your own routine during pre-season to work out what works best for you come the morning of your race. The last situation you want is your goal A race being wrecked by over enthusiastic consumption of your morning Lava Java.

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